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Mechanical Design &

Product Development

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Mechanical Solutions for Demanding Environments.

Hugg is a Norwegian engineering company specialized in the development of refined mechanical solutions tailored to the planet's most extreme environments.

We develop ideas, calculate, build prototypes and manufacture small-scale series.

We work for customers in shipping, oil, fishing and aerospace, all of which operate under very demanding environmental conditions.

You are the captain.

We are your pilot.

We are experienced product developers, engineers and project managers with specialized and complementary mechanical expertise, and have worked together for many years to create refined mechanical solutions and products.

Whether you want to realize your product ideas, need mechanical packaging for your valuable technology or want to verify the quality of your product by strength calculations and simulations, we will guide you safely to port.

We know where the rocks are and how to avoid them.


Our customers are both startups and listed companies, and Hugg's involvement can be both large and small. And anything in between.

It is the great variety of assignments and disciplines that makes us versatile, flexible and safe and helps us recognize the intricacies of your problem, needs and expectations.


It usually starts with a product idea. This applies to almost half of our projects. Hugg's contribution then becomes structure, plan and budget to set realistic goals and get the job done.


3D design and 3D printing are used as tools in this phase. Often simple simulations and calculations to substantiate the concept. Close collaboration with the client is crucial.


We are highly educated mechanical engineers. We make material selections and detailed drawings of the chosen solution. Calculations and tests to qualify the product. We specialize in several disciplines.


We build prototypes and small-scale series. Preferably for testing of the products. This is one of our strengths and makes us practical, efficient engineers.

Mekanisk avlusningssystem - Wellfighter


Mekanisk avlusningssystem - Wellfighter

Produktutvikling, design og produksjon av markedets mest effektive og kompakte avlusningssystem.

SkaMik AS

Batteriinnkapsling til Vega C (European Space Agency)


Batteriinnkapsling til Vega C (European Space Agency)

Design, analyser og prototypefabrikasjon av batteriinnkapsling og celleholdere til Vega C romrakett.

EAS Batteries GmbH

Intelligente tau - Smart Rope Sensor


Intelligente tau - Smart Rope Sensor

Utvikling av trådløs, integrert kraftsensor for fortøyningstrosser.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Mekanisk design av sporingsenhet for husdyr


Mekanisk design av sporingsenhet for husdyr

Utvikling av de mekaniske komponentene til en digital sporingsenhet for husdyr med GPS-posisjonering og satellittkommunikasjon.

Findmy AS

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