No day is equal at Hugg.

Hugg is a highly creative engineering company where everyone is encouraged to contribute with all of their individual abilities and skills.


We help each other, learn from each other and work together as equals. We find the solutions together.

We succeed together, we fail together. We know that's the key to a healthy and inspiring work environment as well as a good end product for the customer.

We applaud difference, we love that you know something we don't and that you dare challenge yourself. We do it every day.


-But we jump together.

We'd like to get to know you.

Hugg is growing steadily.


Do you have 3 - 10 years of experience in the fields of 3D construction, strength calculation, product development, product design or electronics development? 


Feel free to send us a general application and it will be treated confidentially and seriously.

Hugg As

Strømsveien 223, 0668 Oslo, Norway  |  +47 22 22 22 11

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