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We are Hugg.

Some call us engineers, others call us designers. Some say we do innovative mechanical product development.

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers.

We rarely cut the problem in half.


But like Alexander the Great, we find elegant and effective solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

More than 2,000 years ago, Alexander the Great faced a seemingly impossible problem.


He was to solve what later became known as the Gordian Knot ; a problem without a solution.


Alexander the Great opened the knot by cutting it in half.

We are engineers, designers and product developers. But first and foremost, we solve complex mechanical challenges for our customers.

The story

Hugg was founded in 2011 by an experienced team of engineers with backgrounds from several of the country's leading companies in mechanical design.


The team has market-leading expertise in the design and development of mechanical components, solutions and products.

Since its inception, the company has solved demanding tasks on behalf of customers who are characterized by working in extremely demanding conditions, and in need of top-class mechanical solutions.

Håkon og Ulf på toppen av Kværner 2.jpg

Old days:   Over 30 years ago, Håkon and Ulf started working together in the Norwegian offshore industry.

The people

Hugg consists of a close-knit team with cutting-edge expertise in several different areas.


The composition of the team is made with respect to the ability of solving complex mechanical challenges in an elegant and efficient way.

First and foremost, we are problem solvers, - both individually and as a team. We always work closely together, and solve challenges with great curiosity and professional pride.

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